Tools for content analysis

Everything you need to analyse on-page content, HTML tags, markup and much more!

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XML Sitemap Scanner

Scan sitemaps and validate their URLs.

Free SEO scanner

Analyze site's SEO by scanning its HTML, meta tags, links and images.

Total links calculator

Finds all links on a specified website and returns a total for every link.

HTML tag content parser

Collects specified HTML tag content from a list of provided URLs.

Google total indexed pages

Calculates total amount of documents in Google's index for a list of URLs.

Find emails by domain

List domains and get personal or work emails, related to them.

Indexation checker

Checks if a particular URL is indexed and present in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex

URL availability monitor

This bot periodically checks for a 200 status code of a certain URL.

Page list retriever bot

Returns a list of existent pages (URLs) from a website.