Yandex TCI and Rang

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About this bot

This algorithm returns Yandex TCI (ТиЦ) and Yandex Rang (Ранг) for a list of provided URLs. 

What is Yandex TCI?

Thematic Citation Index (TCI) is a value created by Yandex specially for website authority estimation. This index depends on the quantity of websites with links to your Internet resource. If the websites are devoted to similar subjects, you get a higher index.

Websites with higher TCI are ranked better. The TCI is calculated using a special algorithm. The metric is updated every 1-2 months; this period is called the TCI Update. Sometimes this procedure takes more time.

What is Yandex Rang?

Yandex Rang shows the resource’s authority. It is based on the qualitative features of the referring sites, their topics and indices. It is used by Yandex.Bar extension to alternatively display the TCI. Yandex Rang looks like five little steps called “fingers”. You can calculate Yandex Rang through various SEO analytics. This index reflects the website’s quality and, with higher Yandex Rang, the website’s indexation increases.

Websites with higher TCI and Yandex Rang come first in Yandex Catalogue. More visitors will get to your Internet resource from there. This index indicates the website’s trustworthiness. Advertisers always want to place their ads on more promoted sites so that more users can see them. The higher these indices, the more confidence in the site the search engines and users have. The more users visit the site, the more income you get.

High indices help to get more money from paid links on your website. When the TCI increases your profit also increases by several times. This is one of the main factors influencing prices in the link business.

TCI and Rang relation

There is a direct correlation between these indices:

Rang 1-2-3-4-5-6

TCI 0-10; 10-20; 30-150; 160-600; 650-3000; 3100-81000

Yandex Rang increases as your TCI grows. 

Both metrics are applied to whole website, not on a per-page basis.

Algorithm usage

Paste a list of URLs into the form and that's it. Depending on the number of domains, your results will be delivered after a while.

To use the algorithm you need to register or log in. Or you can click here to see what the algorithm launch form looks like.

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