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About this bot

What it does

The script checks a number of URLs you provide against several search engines, and determines, whether these URLs present in any of them. The supported search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex

How it works

Get a list of URLs that you would like to check and paste them into the algorithm's form. That's it!

Returned data

After the script has finished working, you will get a table with the data where:

  • 1 means that this exact URL is indexed by the specified search engine and is searchable
  • 0 means that this exact URL is not indexed
  • -1 (minus one) means that the URL was not checked for the selected search engine

Note that

and (note the trailing slash)

Are two different URLs! Meaning only one of them is likely to be indexed by a given search engine. 

To use the algorithm you need to register or log in. Or you can click here to see what the algorithm launch form looks like.

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