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About this bot

This algorithm searches for keywords relevant to the phrases you enter for, probably, the lowest fee on the internet. Forget about SaaS services that charge you $99 per month, you can now spend a few bucks instead to do your whole keyword analysis 🤓 

Returned keyword data

Submit your seed keywords and get a high volume of relevant and quality keyword suggestions. 



You can keep things region independent or narrow your search by selecting a specific country or city.


The algorithm supports targeting different language versions of Google, as well as language-independent searches.

You can combine these options to narrow down your keyword research to specific regions, e.g. by selecting "Switzerland" for the location and "German" for the language you will get the keywords searched for in the German part of Switzerland, etc.

Price and volume data

Prices and volumes per each keyword are not included in this report. This was done intentionally, to lower your keyword research costs by a margin. After filtering through the list you can use this algorithm to retrieve pricing and search volumes explicitly. Or you can simply throw the whole list in there and crunch all your keywords at once.

Algorithm pricing

You only have to pay for the phrases you input, it doesn't matter if you get back 10, 50 or 500 keyword suggestions. 

Free to try

Register today and get test credits on sign up to try the keyword explorer for free. 

To use the algorithm you need to register or log in. Or you can click here to see what the algorithm launch form looks like.

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