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About this bot

Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) Scanner will get you top ranking site URLs for a desired query, which you can use to do your SEO report, keyword research or competitive analysis. Essentially, this is what you're getting:

Google SERP URL parser


SERP result quantity

Select how many positions you would like the script to download:

  • Top 20
  • Top 30
  • Top 50
  • Top 100

Region & language

Narrow Google SERP results to specific countries and languages.

Device type

Because of the fact that Google takes user experience into account when scoring documents, users on different devices see different SERPs. You can select which device type to emulate and see how your site does for a particular query on mobile vs desktop index. Select between:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

To use the algorithm you need to register or log in. Or you can click here to see what the algorithm launch form looks like.

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