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About this bot

What it does

The script retrieves up to 1000 external backlinks for a selected site. The data is dependent on an external crawler that visits over 1 000 000 domains monthly. 

Returned data

The algorithm returns a number of data fields for every link it finds:

  • Links from - URI, where the link is/was located
  • Links to - URI of the investigated site, where the link points to
  • Anchor text - hyperlink's clickable text, if any (e.g. "click here", "buy", etc.)
  • nofollow - is this a nofollow link?
  • noindex - is this a noindex link?
  • exlinks - total external hyperlinks on page
  • redirect - does the link have a redirect?
  • count - total links found in this document
  • link rank - link rank (the more the better)
  • domain rank - domain rank (the more the better)
  • directory nesting level - the closer to the root path, the better
  • IP address - server IP address
  • date added - first time the crawler detected the link
  • Last checked - last time the crawler detected the link
  • del - date when the crawler first detected removal (if applicable)
  • SEO link - if over 600, high probability of this link being unnatural

To use the algorithm you need to register or log in. Or you can click here to see what the algorithm launch form looks like.

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